" Web Developing Architect,
hobbywise Web-Designer
and Digital Artist "

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my_photo_illustrated Welcome to my online profile,

here i will put up things that describe my skills and works and also things that might interest you.

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Who's that guy behind all this!?


Hi! My name is Barry, I am from germany and a 34 year old Web-Developer, Web-Architect, hobbywise Web-Designer and Digital Artist.
Back in the beginning of the Internet when I used to browse it with a 56k Modem I got very interested in the concept of how all this works.
I used to play around with the C64, Amiga2000 and so on when I was a kid. So I was tingled to know more than what I was seeing.

The history

So I set up my own Web-Server (MS IIS *LOL*) and started consuming everything selfhtml.org was offering.
Oh lad this was an interesting adventure, I even did some of my Pages with Microsoft Word (hahaha) and added freaky Java-Applets with water effects, ahum ...

Anyways, shortly after I was using at least proper Web-Server software (Apache) and started grinding into Javascript, CSS and also PHP.

With these tools in hand I was able to let my creativity flow, got in touch with Macromdia's (now Adobe's), in my opinion, fabulous Web-Design tool Fireworks and was ablte to start my career in a local Print and Web-Agency.

Well there onward I straightened my skills, got more technically correct (as in standards) in creating pages and learned things of proper graphical design during my traineeship.
2001 Internet sites were either pretty framed and textual or bloating flash movie sites.
There were a lot of pretty incredible ones but keeping the download speed in mind, it was a pain in the bum to browse that pages.
Not speaking of useability. Mostly by architects that had websites far beyond useable but probably most awesomes internet movies. ;D

I were getting into the System-Engineering back in 2005 for an online Printing Company (flyerheaven) where I was in charge of refactoring the old e-commerce system and be an assitance to the server-management.

I had to leave and switch the company then in 2009 to brille24 where I continued working as a system-engineer but got step by step more into project leadership and responsibilities, technicall assistant and overall contact on web-architecture and on top full server-management.
I'm a pretty busy bee aren't I? ;}

The present

Now I am working as full fledged Web-Developer and System-Architect. I am in charge of deeply, also technical, complex websites and Web-Server Systems.
My road went mostly into the more technical direction so my Design skills were a bit off. That's why I have chosen to do Digital Artwork to keep my creative brainside alive.

Everyone was influenced by Web 2.0. So was I. I got also very interested in, what's currently worded as UX (User Experience), Useability of Web Sites.
So technical and user concepts of applications is something that currently interests me the most as well as Software Development overall.
I kinda took a step forward, in my opinion, from merely coding to application/software design and development.

The future

So what does this everly ongoing internet has for us to offer in the future?
Well I would be a fortune teller to know but the tendencies are pointing to a moreover semantic, socialized web.
We get the cloud computing back as it seems, which was kinda introduced by Sun just when the internet started but never really got a grip.
Desktop Applications are wandering off to the net because of this.

Social Networks are pretty on the run now and facebook and the likes are very heavily used.
I don't know if this will keep up as we have seen that on MySpace and such but this is definetly something to hang on to.

I am aiming for this fields of useability (UX) aswell as widening my Software-Development knowledge.
As well as getting to work outside of Germany to get to know other working cultures.

Yes that's it actually, thanks for reading!

Okay cool, what's next?

If you are a company that has interesting positions to offer or an interesting project to hop on to: Get in contact with me via mail.
I will give you access to my Online-CV then so you can get more details about my skills and my career so far.

Enjoy my works and definetly have a look at my link section! There are very awesome sites you need to know! ;]